After 5 Years of prototyping and development on Australia’s east coast, we are now able to offer the fishing community a custom towed under water camera no bigger than a lure, and just as light.

We engineer our products so you get the ultimate marine vision

Forget what you have read about underwater towed cameras, towcam works.
That’s why we’ve sold towcam into all corners of the world.
A truly custom made underwater tow camera, each unit hand built by a fisherman.

You probably have noticed recently a lot of quality underwater vision of marlin and pelagics smashing towed lures and baits lately on TV, fishing shows, Youtube,Vimeo, well that’s most likely customer vision from our towcam.

You won’t believe how easy this stunning colour hi res vision is to get, anyone with a boat can have this live vision in minutes, towcam is independent of your fishing line, does not interfere with your usual methods of trolling.

And with modern electronics it’s a breeze to feed this vision to your Sounder/GPS screens and saloon flatscreens.

With Towcam, we now enable you to view the action underwater and record the footage as it happens!

Watch the lure or bait being smashed by pelagics, fish you would never see in your spread even from a tuna tower, what is amazing is the number of fish that appear from the deep , follow a bait or lure and then fade off.  Fish that previously went unnoticed,  enabling  you to stay in the area and not drive off as we have all done.

There is nothing more exciting as watching a big marlin stalk a lure, miss it, then turn and speed up for another attack.  All this footage is live and with the option of  audio, feed it to your flybridge screens or saloon TV.  

Towcam Underwater Strike Camera Footage

All Towcam products available in PAL & NTSC Format

What makes towcam unique? 
Every Towcam is custom built to obtain the incredible clarity and colour you see in our videos - the ability to track up near the lure or bait every time,  just clip it onto your outrigger and throw it overboard,  70meter thin Kevlar reinforced cable, as easy to retrieve as a teaser.

Tested and trialled at Lizard island and Cairns on some of Australia’s top game boats, Towcam will enhance the charter boat industry by giving their clients more excitement,  with some incredible heart pumping live vision .

Towcam also is leading the way with a range of Tuna tower and cockpit cameras, featuring hi resolution and wide angle images, And also the Polecam for all the action of the tag and release shot above and below the ocean. 


  • Ultra high resolution custom made underwater camera.
  • Brass CNC housings and custom lenses.
  • Lightweight for depth control.
  • Hand tuned to track lures or bait
  • 70meter (230ft) Kevlar strengthened ultra thin cable.
  • Roller adjuster tension clip for outrigger poles.towcam reel
  • Windup storage reel.


  • Cockpit  jam cleats for cable secure.
  • Hi-Gain Mic for all the action.

Pole cam

  • Capture the tag and release at the boat for explosive underwater footage rarely seen.
  • Custom Cockpit and tower cameras to capture all your vision.


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